Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Bad For Ya

R.I.P George Carlin. You will be missed.

Ok, onto my newest post (in a while, I know.) Well, I've been quite busy for the last six months. People who don't know me very well probably think I'm lying. People who do know me very well and with whom I've been in regular touch with know that I'm lying. Anyway, for the intents and purposes of this blog, I've been busy.

In the meantime, a lot of interesting things happened to me. Too bad you won't ever come to know what they are. Here is a short list of things you don't know.

  • It's a federal offense to attack a customs official on American soil or any type of ground for that matter.
  • It's a similarly illegal crime to bash your friendly, neighbourhood postman's head in with a sledgehammer.
Here is a short list of things I have done in the last six months.

  • Been to NYC? Check.
  • Seen shitty movies? Check.
  • Seen good movies? Check.
  • As George Carlin would NOT say: beleaguered by a "negative cash flow position?" Double Check.
Here is a short list of things YOU did in the last six months.

  • Waited for me to update.
  • More waiting.
  • It's a boring life. Admit it.
But I'll be a bit more regular now that the summer has started and my lazy ass won't need to be anywhere but in front of a computer. Till then, wait some more.

Oh and by the way, check out GMail Labs "Muzzle." It's a god send. Someone at Google actually listened to me! Balls to you and your dumbass status messages!