Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog Updated!

If you are reading this message, then this news is redundant. Just like most of the Indian media.

Please.. keep more guns at home.

In St. Louis recently, an 8-year old boy shot his father 4 times, and another man (who was staying as a paying guest) 6 times. He lies to interrogators for an hour making up stories like a little boy would, not realizing that they had techniques to nail his fingerprints on the gun or residue on his clothes.

His excuse? His dad beat him. A lot. Possibly every day, possibly multiple times a day. I'm not saying it was the fathers fault, but hey, you keep guns at home, teach your son to use them, and then beat the shit out of him everyday -- one day he's going to blow your brains out.

This kid is doomed to a life in juvenile detention for the next several years where he will no doubt improve his social standing and get into good habits like trimming his nails every week or combing his hair every morning. He will also be buggered.

Spankings are not an excuse to shoot someone, least of all two people. I don't endorse any form of sympathy for the kid or his dad. The dad screwed up by teaching his kid to shoot (and may be beating him more than he should,) and the kid screwed up.... well, by shooting two people for fuck's sake!

In other news, another man has been arrested for raping his two daughters for 30 (!!!!!) years. He's fathered about 9 kids with them, got them pregnant far more often than that, did not let them out of the house and generally abused them. Where was the vaunted social security and child support that these kids were supposed to get? 30 years man! Think about it, most of you who will read this are not even 25 yet!!

Not a good time for the world.

PS - Mumbai -- you deserve so much better than what happened Nov. 26th. Maybe one day, when I get the time (and the patience) I will put up an anti-religion page. Till then, take care.

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